"The frames of reality", photo-finalist of the Florence Biennale 2023, Yana Shpitsberg

Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy


The topic: “ID



Dates of exhibition: December 2023 - April 2024


Opening: December 2023 (dates to be confirmed)


Submissions deadline:  November, 24


Space: Together (Inspirational Coliving), Trastevere, Rome -






Every participant can submit up to 5 works


Accepted media: Photography, Photo-collage, AI



The idea and concept 


What does identify you as a person? Do you feel related to a certain group or to a state?


Are you different from the crowd? How can you prove it? What's that so special about you?


Do you identify yourself as an independent unit or as a part of a certain circle of people?


Has your identity changed through the time as you were growing up and going through happy and tough life stages?


We invite you to reflect about these and any other questions that may pop-up in your mind and express it through your works.






Everyone is invited to submit 1 to 5 artworks that respond to the topic “ID”. You can use photography or mixed media (like photography + collages + AI tools) or AI. AI works are accepted as long as it’s disclosed.


Important: you pay for participation and printing of your work (37 euro) only in case if your work is selected. In case if two or more works have been selected the artist is free to submit one or all of those works with a payment for each one.


​The size of print that we provide is 50x70 cm.


You can collect your prints in person after the exhibition in Rome.






Send an email with the subject "ID - Photo Exhibition" to with this information:


1 - Name and Surname

2 - Email

3 - Instagram link (we will print it under the name of your artwork)

4 - Website (if you have one)


5 - Title of the artwork / artworks

6 - Media (photo/AI/mixed)


7 - Statement relating to the artwork/s - max 50 words (if applied). The statement is important as we can understand better your concept.


8 - Link with your files (please use file transfer service)



Important (please follow these rules to not be disqualified):


Attach the link with your photos to the email.


Don’t drag them into the letter body and don't attach them manually please.


You can use any of file sharing service but not google drive.


Your photos should be in ORIGINAL quality.




Every artwork that you send should have a title like in this example - NameSurname_Title.jpeg 


Example: YanaShpitsberg_NakedAndOnTheMoon.jpeg


Don’t forget to rename your works before sending them.



There is no limit of size for the files.


"Tired", Kristina Tyryshkina




We are a new project and we can’t guarantee that your work will be sold but we are continuing to experiment with this option and give you this possibility. The price for all art works will be the same and we will confirm it with every selected participant.


75% of the sale amount will be kept by the artist and 25% by us. In case the work is sold it goes immediately to the buyer and not taking a part of exhibition anymore.





Photos from the exhibition (reportage of the event and photos of your artworks on the wall) will be posted on Instagram page of the project and also will be available to participants via the link.

"Small parts of a big", Kristina Tyryshkina



Yana Shpitsberg



My name is Yana Shpitsberg. In my art photography I am currently exploring Nudity topic.


It's not easy to be a photographer of these genre in our days. Instagram blocks our pages or shadows our posts. Not everyone is ready to see the body like an art object. But I believe that's why it's even more important to continue my job!


​This project in Rome is my second experience of curating a group exhibition. There is a lot of work behind the scene to make it happen. I am not part of some organisation, I am a photographer and an artist like you. So that's a project created by photographer for photographers (of any level). I am doing it with a lot of love and I hope you will send us your best works.





Here you will find backstages with expo preparations, a reportage from exhibition, meet our team and discover new Open Calls!


INSTAGRAM: @nomadsgallery 





Here are some photos from our first group exhibition in Together space in Rome, Trastevere.


You can find more backstages here:


So you can have an idea of the exposition place. You can also visit the website of our partners - TOGETHER -

Very curious to see your works!


Best regards, Yana Shpitsberg